Home Improvement 101: Make Your Home Look Shiny & New with 7 of Our Cheap Cheats

Home improvement does not mean expensive renovations and costly additions. If you have the know-how, you can make your house look well-maintained and expensive-looking with easy and simple tricks no techniques. These won’t make big holes in your pocket and deliver amazing, cost-effective results.

1.Paint it modern.

Painting your our home in beautiful new colours can bring life to any drab house. But painting is a mega expense. So cut down on the costs by being creative and indulging in some DIY. Paint the ceiling a dramatic shade. Or accent your walls. Or you could create interesting patterns with stencils.

The cheapest way to brighten up a room: pick a bold, bright hue like red or yellow or bright blue and paint just ONE wall of the room. It will cost you hardly anything and make your room look stylishly chic instantly.


2.Shiny faucets.

Change your drab, leaking old faucets to new and give a new and shiny look to your bathroom or kitchen. To lower your water bill at the same time, add an aerator.

3.Wallpaper fun.

Like a bright wall, a beautiful print wallpaper can liven up a room in no time. Even the dullest room can look stunning with the right wallpaper design. To add a modern and fresh look, just paper one accent wall.


4.Gleaming sinks.

If you’re going to replace a faucet, why not whip out a few more bucks and replace a sink? A new sink gleams like an old one can never do – no matter how much you scrub it with baking soda and vinegar.

A bathroom and/or kitchen remodel can be quite expensive. So, forego those costs and just get a copper, glass or porcelain basin sink to bring some flair into your home.

5.Light it up.

Forget pricey new lights and the costs of installation through a professional; instead, swap out fixtures and light up your home. Turn the breaker off and feel free to get creative. You can scour antique stores for chandeliers that can be beautifully DIYed with glass pendants. Get a stunning new ceiling fan while you’re at it and run track lighting.

6.Beautify closets and drawers.

Dated, ugly cabinets can make your kitchen or bathroom look tacky. Replacing those would cost a bomb. People spend thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinets.

But fret not, as we have some solid, low-cost advice for you – remove the cabinets and drawers, sand them, strip them and repaint or stain in any shade you like. Try something fresh and bright this time around. This will give an instant face-lift to your kitchen and bathroom without making you dizzy with exorbitant expenses.

You can also place some drawer roll outs for practicality in your kitchen. Even hinges and handles can be replaced for a more updated look.


7.Greenery abound.

Create a lush outdoor oasis-like garden by getting yourself a free-standing canopy. With less than a hundred dollars you can get a basic one and then just jazz it up with flower pots, a picnic table – the works – to make a unique, lovely piece of refuge where you can enjoy the cool breeze with a chilled drink.

You do not really need to shell out a lot of time and money to spruce up your home and make it look swanky and uber cool. Try our quick and easy, mostly DIY, projects to get maximum impact and deliver big results in your home.